Heracles H220E


Technical data Specification

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Battery capacity/kWh


Drive motor/kW


Pump motor/kW


Fast charging time/h


Operating weight kg

2600 kg

Tipping load, max kg

1500 kg

Electric Machines are better, cleaner and kinder to the environment than their diesel-powered counterparts.

This is because they are typically powered with a lithium-ion battery charged by electricity, rather than a combustion engine that runs on fossil fuels. No exhaust fumes are produced meaning there are less dangerous greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide being expelled from the machine into the atmosphere.

Diesel powered machinery is much noisier than there electric alternatives. This is due to the process of combustion process, which greatly reduces the sound produced by the machine.

Another benefit of electric machinery is that they are more efficient in using their power when compared to a machine running on diesel fuel. Around 70% of the power produced by the battery makes it to the wheels of the machine, compared to only 20% of a power produced bye a diesel powered engine.